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Once again, we came to a warm place for our vacation (sorry Daryl). Our original plan was to go to a Caribbean island like Antigua or St. Thomas, but flight options were not ideal. Plus we didn’t want to just stay in an all inclusive resort the entire time, so we decided on Cancun.

Interesting fact, last year today we arrived in Sydney and started our 2 month trip together (facebook also reminded me of that as well). Another interesting fact is that this would be the third time we escaped a snow storm in Washington, DC. First time was Vancouver, second time Vegas, and now Mexico. Man we are lucky.

The flight was uneventful, and we arrived early. That really was my first good experience with United Airlines. Daryl booked a shuttle services called “Canada Transfer” (way to go for supporting Canada). He also pre-ordered a beer for an extra dollar. They arrived a couple of minutes late due to a traffic accident. They were very polite, apologetic, and gave us 2 cans of Corona for free. Jose the driver was very talkative, told us where to go, and what to do. In no time we arrived at Riu Place Peninsula.

Staff in the hotel are very friendly. We paid a bit more to upgrade to a 17 floor ocean view unit. The room is purple and I was happy. We dropped off the luggage and headed to dinner.


All the specialty restaurants in the resort require a reservation 2 days before and can only be booked in person so the buffet was our only option. The buffet was really good and had a lot of choices. When our server Oscar found out that this is our per-honeymoon (yes we will have many per-honeymoons and post honeymoons). he went and got a candle and some red rose petals for us.



We also watched the tail end of a show they put on. Some interesting masks and dancing, that’s for sure.



The next day we woke up to this beautiful view. It was cloudy with a bit of a breeze. Warm but very comfortable.




What was I doing?


We decided to walk to the mall, even though it was a one and a half hour walk. After breakfast we were on our way.



On the way back we decided to take the bus Jose told us about. There are so many of them so you never need to wait for long. It cost 21 pesos or $2 US dollars for both of us. The bus driver was very aggressive. It was like he was trying to beat the world record for fastest bus driver in the Cancun hotel zone. He opened the door, rushed you to get on, and then sped up very fast before you were even able to sit down. (or even pay him) Load music and more aggressive driving followed which made for quite the experience.


In the afternoon we got ourselves some drinks and relaxed in a comfy canopy lounger by the beach. While there we figured we would write the blog too!


More hotel photos.


Now what I am going to do, not very good at this relaxing.

Until next time.