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Day 8: At Sea Part 2

No more ports to visit meant another sea day and a full day of relaxation / lounging around. We headed down for the towel animal folding class. We learned how to make an elephant, dog, and sting ray. For lunch we decided to try the well reviewed Mongolian Grill. (It was okay). We then took part in the chocolate extravaganza. We had never seen so many chocolate cakes, cookies, and other chocolate derivatives before. Sugar overload! We hit a final comedy show and watched Minions that night. Sorry San Andreas, compared to Minions you were amazing. Can’t believe how bad this movie was.

Day 9: Farewell Miami

Our final faster to the fun perk had us being some of the first to debark the ship. To those that don’t cruise this sounds counter-intuitive. Why would you want to get off the boat sooner? Well they make you check out of your room early and there really isn’t anything to do but wait. We had some time to kill until our flight but also had our luggage to deal with. We decided to first head to the airport and check-in our bags. We then jumped on a shuttle to a nearby mall to kill the time. We ended up finding some good deals such as a small yellow Michael Kors bag for Amy. Back to the airport and back home (Maryland-home) we went.