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Day 7: Grand Turk

Another late port day gave us the opportunity to sleep in and enjoy a sit down breakfast. Grand Turk is what you imagine every tropical paradise to look like. White sandy beaches, palm trees, and crystal blue waters. The other cool thing is that you literally stepped off the boat, walked along the dock, and then walked onto the beach. We picked out a couple of chairs underneath some palm trees with an amazing view of the water and the ship. Amy did some snorkeling and found a number of fish among the reef as well as a cannon. It was so hot that the water was practically begging you to come back in. We both went snorkeling and did some more exploring. The beach area is quite shallow for a ways out until it hits a shelf and drops dramatically.



We were very thirsty at this point so we went to the beach bar and got a “mucho pina colada” It was huge and the bartender did some very generous pours. The bar was part of the Margaritaville nearby and was literally 50 steps from our beach hangout. After drinking way too much of it we figured we better eat something and had lunch.



The afternoon consisted of more lounging, more snorkeling, and second mucho pina colada. We did a little bit of shopping before heading back to the boat. We received numerous comments on the size of the pina colada. (As Daryl brought it around while shopping). Amy managed to find the matching Swarovski necklace, nice! Tonight was another fancy night so we both dressed up and enjoyed our dinner. By this point the wait staff knew our names as well as our preferences. (Amy liked water with no ice, coffee for desert, etc). We tried to see the musical performance that night, Vroom, but due to a small fire the show had technical difficulties. (Everything was okay). We jumped to the otherside of the boat where we watched a couple of comedy shows instead.