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Day 5: St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

We wouldn’t arrive in St Thomas until noon so we had a relaxing morning. 24/7 room service means breakfast in bed! Not gourmet or anything but can’t go wrong with assorted pastries. We headed up to the gym for a few yoga class. Amy got frustrated with the instructor not knowing the correct poses and just did her own thing. Daryl tried to keep up and ended up hurting his back.

Second breakfast was had (brunch) in the dining room before heading off the ship. A similar opentop truck / taxi took us into town. To ensure payment the driver stopped half way in some random parking lot; smart!

St. Thomas is known for its shopping due to being tax/duty free and it did not disappoint. There must have been at least four jewelry stores every small city block. There were so many that some gave away free pearl earrings just for going in the store or for trying something on. Of course to prep you for all of this shopping they actually had a seminar on St Thomas shopping on the cruise ship the day before. The shopping director, yea… it’s a thing, helped “direct you” to the best stores, discounts, and free swag. Wonder how much kickbacks the cruise ship companies are getting for that kind of advertising. We had lunch at a small place called Big Kahuna’s. The food wasn’t bad and Daryl tried a black beards ale. They advertised free wifi but that does mean it has to work first. Luckily being the US Virgin Islands we could use our phones through US service.



After lunch we did a little bit of sight seeing and headed up 99 steps. (Amy was convinced it was nowhere near 99) We also managed to run into a veteran’s day parade. It was made up almost entirely of children in the various organizations (army/air-force/navy/cadets/etc). We hit some more shops and picked up some US Virgin Island Rum as well as Coco Chanel for Amy. We made our way back to the ship only to return to the shops near the port for some last minute browsing. Amy was trying to find a necklace and earrings for the wedding. She ended up finding a lovely pair of Swarovski earrings. (Daryl was there for moral support / the free beer the jewelry store was giving out)





For dinner that night Amy had a yummy pumpkin pie while Daryl enjoyed a filet. We relaxed in the cabin and watched Bruce Almighty. That night we went out to watch San Andreas. Terrible movie….