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Day 4: Amber Cove, Dominican Republic


Amber Cove was a brand new port that only the Carnival cruise lines went to. It was so new, in fact, that a number of the stores were not even opened yet.


Due to our research we knew this already and instead purchased an all inclusive Beach excursion. We were crammed in an offroad opentop truck and drove for 45 minutes through the countryside. The 4×4 was needed which some pretty bad roads and even crossing the odd stream/creak. The beach was very nice but the water had a very strong current. A couple tourists got taken out heading in/out of the water throughout the day. We did do some snorkeling but there wasn’t much to see.



We had a nice Dominican lunch. We picked Bananas right off the bundle. Being all inclusive meant unlimited drinks as well, wooo! It wasn’t that busy and the staff were super energetic.




It was an interesting dynamic, however, between the beach/cruise terminal and the rest of the area. Daryl had never seen a place so poor.

We had free body composition analysis at the spa that afternoon. After hooking us up to a weird machine they supposedly found a certain amount of toxins in our body that would need to be cleansed out. They of course have a multivitamin regiment costing hundreds of dollars that will do this. (It was only available on cruise ships… of course) No thanks. For dinner Amy had double sushi while Daryl skipped the main and decided to have 4 different appetizers. We watched a PG rated Comedy show that night which turned out to be really funny.