Day 2: Departure

When we booked the cruise we had paid extra for something called “Faster to the fun”. It had a number of perks but one included priority boarding. With that in mind we checked out of the hotel and made our way to the port by 11am. It seemed a lot of other people had the same idea but check in process was still quite quick. Sadly they hadn’t begun boarding yet. The ship had just arrived that morning so they were still busy getting it ready for the next sailing. When the boarding did start it didn’t take us long at all. We had early access to our room with our bags so we settled in and unpacked. The room was surprisingly big and had a nice size deck.


We made our way downstairs to the buffet for lunch and then it was off to a spa tour. After getting walked through all the various treatments and packages we booked a couples mud treatment, a hot bamboo massage for Daryl, and seaweed wrap / hot stone massage for Amy. By staying in a spa room we also had access to two steam rooms, the (tile chari room), and the (hottub mineral bath). We did the mud treatment that evening. It was Daryl’s first so he was hesitant but enjoyed it. The mud got used up pretty quick due to all his hair though… Skin was so smooth after!


Day 3: At Sea

We got up bright and early for our massages. Amy’s consisted up brushing (to open up the pores), a seaweed body wrap, getting wrapped in foil, being lowered into a “water bed” (at 39C), and then receiving a head & foot massage. It produced an interesting mix of both hot and cold. Afterwards there was also a fully body massage with hot oil / volcanic stones. Daryl summarized his as a full body hot oily rolling pin-ing. (It was his first massage too!) Now feeling very soothed/relaxed we made our way to brunch in the dining room. We were seated with a very talkative man who had been on 9 other cruises that year, crazy! A slow afternoon had us taking in a champagne art auction. There were some nice pieces but at thousands of dollars weren’t “that nice”.


The makeup of the crowd had almost no pieces being sold during the whole auction. We hit the gym and then the Spa. Had to burn off some of that cruise food. We tried the steam rooms but Daryl couldn’t handle it. He said it hurt to move / hurt to even breathe. We instead decided to relax on the tile chairs. One lady was so relaxed she started snoring. We then went to a free sunset stretch class. Sadly the instructor didn’t show up. We were the only two there so we just did our own. That night was formal night so we dressed up and headed to dinner. Daryl stained his tie, oops! Some of the older ladies at dinner also had crazy / over the top hats. One African American lady also decided to go with a princess leah hair style which looked…. odd. That night we went and watched Pitch Perfect 2. Daryl bought a bucket of cider for drinking purposes. Finally some late night ping pong and then off to bed.