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The final day had us return to the Magic Kingdom one more time. An early reservation at the restaurant “Be Our Guest” allowed us early entry into the park before anyone else. It was a cool experience and a rare thing to see the park almost empty.


Breakfast was delicious and the Beauty and the Beast theme was very well done. We ate in the “rose room”, enjoying our Croque Madame and Eggs Florentine. Although a quick service type restaurant they had a unique way of bringing you your food. After ordering at the front a server would scan your receipt where you sat. In doing so other servers with carts of various dishes would make their way around the restaurant and serve you.


We rode our favourite rides and played the sorcerers of the magic kingdom a little more. (Beat the game wooo!)



We then made our way over to Epcot in order to finish off the world! We watched the O Canada show (way too Canadian) and walked around the other countries; UK, France, and Morocco.







We stopped into Mexico again where there was a hole in the wall place, La Cava Del Tequila, serving awesome Margaritas. We picked up desert in Germany after. Chocolate covered caramel and chocolate covered pineapple. Dark chocolate, of course). From there it was finally time to say goodbye.

No, not quite yet! We went back the Magic Kingdom again to enjoy one more evening there.


It’s a small world. (Amy had never been)IMG_0593

it went on and on…..





New Zealand


The electric parade.


After the parade it was finally time to go. Even though we bought a lot we were just able to fit everything in the suitcases. We left Disney and stayed the night at a Fairfield Inn & Suites.


The next morning we slept in and did a final pack. A continental breakfast later and we were on the road. We stopped by some outlets on our way to airport where we did some last minute Disney discount shopping (Amy’s phone case) and, of course, a stop in Michael Kors. Amy managed to find a colouful yellow bag for a steal of a price! Finally to the airport and back to home #2, Maryland.