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The next morning we finally took the rental car out and headed to the Polynesian resort. There we had breakfast at the Kona Café. Yum! The tonga toast is like French toast on deep-fried steroids, a must have. Amy had the light breakfast.


From there it was back to the Magic Kingdom. We had heard about the game “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom” the previous days at the park and decided to try it out. The premise is that you get a map and a deck of cards (spells) and as Merlin’s apprentice you have to find portals around the Magic Kingdom and stop the forces of evil. A neat interactive game where you fight various villains around different areas of the park. The portals (screens) are semi-hidden and they only activate if you are in the right stage of your adventure. Once activated you must “fight” the villain using the right spell card. There are cameras next to the portals that read the spell cards (you hold out) and an animation of the spell is shown on the portal. Each land has a number of different villains you must defeat in order to “save the kingdom”.






While playing the game we were able to explore some of the areas of the park we missed previously. We also made sure to make time to ride our favourites again. (Space Mountain, Thunder down Under) Sadly Pirates of the Caribbean was closed for maintenance.




In the afternoon we took a break from the parks and headed to Downtown Disney aka Disney Springs. It was time to get our shopping on! One of the great perks about staying at a Disney resort is that everything you buy, either from the parks or from Downtown Disney, is shipped for free to your hotel room. Dangerous, oh so dangerous, but great at the same time.


For dinner we made our way over to another resort, the Contemporary. The California Grill was on one of the top floors, giving a breathtaking view of the Disney lagoon and the Magic Kingdom. The food was amazing and the two viewing platforms gave plenty of time to soak in the views/parks all around you.


Finally an early night! No shows, no bus line ups. We had a relaxing dip in the pool before heading to bed. (Well, as relaxing as a pool full of kids, teenagers, and adults all on vacation could be)

More Photos from the day.