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Day 3 had us back at Magic Kingdom bright and early. We headed for Peter Pan’s Flight, another ride that gets insanely long wait times. The ride was intended for the younger crowd but was still fun to go through. The same goes for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, which we did right after.


A failed attempt at doing Space Mountain again (ride problems!) led us to the Astro Orbiter (rockets!), Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin (again, still terrible at shooting things), and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover (sounds cooler than it is). The saving grace of the PeopleMover is that it went through Space Mountain and we were able to see it with lights on as they were trying to fix it! We finished off Tomorrowland at the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor, a show that involves the audience and had some good laughs here or there.



Amy was very happy to be able to take picture with Stitch. Daryl on the other hand, almost punched Stitch in the face (photos to prove it)






Daryl is Worthy. The sword proved it.





A trip to Disney isn’t complete without visiting the Tiki Room! Creepier than we remember though, especially the walls. A Dole Whip afterwards hit the spot though. (so sweet!)


After that it was time to do the usual park hop, this time back over to Epcot. It was a bit of an adventure to get there, combining both a boat ride over a man(Disney)-made lake as well as a monorail.


Once at Epoct we headed to the World Showcase, a series of “lands” inspired by various countries around the world. We had a quick bite in Mexico (and way too much “nacho-cheese” nachos, mmm just like 7-Eleven’s) before heading to Norway, China, Germany, Italy, and the US. It got pretty hot out so we ducked inside and watched “The American Adventure”, an “inspirational story of America and its people.” Well not so much watched, but rather we both had a solid 30min nap.



We made it through one more country, Japan, before switching gears and heading back to the main park. (We would get to the last few countries another time). The sun was blisteringly hot that day and walking around the world made us very thirsty. Good thing there was Club Cool, featuring pop flavours from around the world. The melon (Thailand) and pineapple (Greece) Fanta were delicious. The Beverly (Italian), not so much.


Spaceship Earth had us ride through history and into the future. Test-track (again) was a chance to improve on our car design. Sadly we just gave it even more power and therefore less eco-friendly. Wait, why are we saying sadly, we made it even better.  We also stopped in to watch Captain EO! Michael Jackson saving the universe through dance and song. Directed by George Lucas!


We then made our way to a “Character Spot” so that we could get some photos with our favorite Disney Stars. Micky, Minnie, and Goofie were all there to pose with us. Well, more so for Amy.


We then went for a walk through the World Showcase and along a boardwalk to have dinner at the Yatchtsman Steakhouse. We shared a steak and some sides and we were still stuffed. After the lovely dinner we took our time heading back to Epoct, playing around on the sandy beaches (fake, still nice though).


Epcot’s nightly show was called Illuminations: Reflection of Earth. Another amazing show with some great fireworks. Managed to find a great little spot to watch them too. (It may have been on top of a big garbage bin, but hey, the extra height made for a better view).


Back to the bus (a little quicker at Epcot), and back to the hotel to finish off day 3.

When we got back to the hotel, there was a surprise waiting for Amy from sweet Daryl.