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We started our day at Animal Kingdom, once again taking advantage of the early park admission. We headed straight for the roller coaster, Expedition Everest. (Well, kind of straight to it, we went the wrong way at first). Great ride with some unique moments (hint – backwards!). The line was so short we ended up doing it three times in a row!



We decided to get wet early and jumped on the Kali River Rapids. A little disappointing but that might be due to us being the only ones on the ride. We lucked out and managed to pick seats that didn’t get that wet.

Next stop was Kilimanjaro Safaris. A cool experience as it was literally a safari where we were able to see a ton of different animals such as rhinos, crocodiles, hippos, and scimitar oryx. Many pictures were taken, including an up close and personal visit with some giraffes.






Character spot with Explorer Minnie & Mickey. (The only spot where they are together!)


The Tree of Life.


It was then time to park jump again, this time to the big daddy, the Magical Kingdom.

A crowded Main street and a beautiful Cinderella’s castle led us to our lunch spot, The Plaza. (Typical food, nothing special. Got a visit from the “local mayor” though. What?)MK_PARTRIGHT_7457299147



We visited Tomorrowland briefly and decided to check out Stitch’s Great Escape. (Mainly as it had the shortest line) We figured out why though; worst “ride” ever!)IMG_9830

From there it was way over to Frontierland where we took a ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This one brought back some memories from Disneyland. Great theming and all in all a great roller coaster.




Another jump to Adventureland (We got a lot of walking in, that’s for sure) where we Fastpass+’ed our way onto the Jungle Cruise. Imagine a “scenic” boat ride where everything is fake and the guide speaks in nothing but puns for 5 minutes. As much as we hate to say it, pretty entertaining.

It was about time to bring some more Disneyland memories back so we stopped in for a Dole Whip! Sweeter…. (Than Daryl remembers). Still so much Pineapple goodness!

On to Fantasy Land and our next Fastpass+, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. With wait times of over an hour almost always this was a very smart choice. A little disappointed in this one, though. It was a fairly tame rollercoaster but had some nice “scenery”. Guess it was more of a children’s roller coaster.



Back to Tomorrowland we did the classic Tomorrowland Speedway. As a kid who can’t drive, we could see the fun. As anyone else it is just slow and painful.


We also fit in Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Sadly this ride was a couple steps below Toy Story Mania. Imagine laser tag with hard to hit targets whilst sitting in a rotating  car.


It was finally time for Space Mountain, the completely in the dark roller coaster. It was an awesome, thrilling ride. Interestingly enough it got you a little sore as you had no idea which way it was going, thrashing you around the whole time. This one deserved a repeat, although ride issues did make us wait longer than we hoped.



Dinner was at Columbia Harbor House, a quick service restaurant with a good variety. Trying to keep it light we opted for one main meal and then a kids meal. (you got so many things! Mac & cheese, fries, grapes, and juice!)

After dinner an executive decision was made to skip the Electrical Light Parade. We had better things to do! First stop was the Haunted Mansion. Great ride with many, many, cool effects. It started to get dark so we headed back over to Frontierland as we had read that both the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Splash Mountain were whole new experiences at night. They were not wrong! Big Thunder (Or Thunder down Under, as Amy started calling it) seemed faster, bumpier, and longer! A repeat was required and that time we were placed in the back. We got thrown around like rag dolls, not able to hold on around the bends. Daryl may have “squished” Amy a couple times, oops! Splash mountain was the final ride of the night, and yes, we got wet.

We made our way back to Main Street where we were able to watch the Magic Kingdom night time show, Wishes. A wonderful fireworks show along with some cool lighting effects on the castle itself. We couldn’t believe how much money Disney must have been spending every night on fireworks alone!


An attempt to wait out the crowds in some very busy gift shops, still waiting in line for buses, and a very full bus ride later we made it home. By this time we should say that the post-park  wind-down was like a well-oiled machine. Unpack, set stuff to dry, shower, prep for the next day, blow dry shoes, sleep. While Amy was smart and made sure to wear sandals Daryl kept getting his running shoes wet everyday when it rained. Luckily a good blow dry, sneaker balls, and overnight airing out helped immensely.

More Photos form Magic Kingdom.