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Our first day at Disneyworld had us starting at Epcot. We headed there first thing in the morning to take advantage of early park admission. (We would be doing this most days) We went straight to the ride Soarin, which was supposed to be quite popular, but were a little disappointed. It is basically an Imax screen with you “flying over” the scenery.



We then made our way to Test Track. This ride had some neat aspects to it as you actually “design” your car first. You customize it into categories such as power, handling, and eco(green). After you “race” your car against others in a number of different challenges. Naturally we won in the power category, eco(green)…. not so much.



Mission space, right next door, was a space ship flight simulator where you go to Mars. We decided to stick with the easy setting (less g-force’s) for the first time and it was still a lot of fun. Sum of all Thrills was a great ride where you actually get to build your own roller coasters of sorts. You can customize the speed, drops, and even the # of loops.


It was then on to a nice relaxing Nemo Ride as well as a conversation with an animated turtle (Turtle Talk with Crush).


Amy bought her “mouse ears” and then it was off to Hollywood Studios.


We ate lunch at the 50’s Prime Time Café where we got scolded by our server for having our elbows on the table and not saying please when ordering our food. Food wasn’t bad; milkshake was amazing!


We decided to hit a show first in order to let lunch settle so we took in the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Some cool stunts, pyrotechnics, and of course a gigantic boulder.


Star Tours – The Adventure Continues was next up. We finally were able to try out the FastPass+ system, enabling us to skip the line. (Daryl had booked all of them, 3 rides per day, months before.) Sadly, at least for Star Tours, so many people used the FastPass that it took just as long. The ride was fun, but not high on the thrill side. (As of writing this blog they now have a portion of the ride which incorporates scenes from the new movie!)



We experienced the magic of MuppetVision 3D (Yea Muppets!) and got a Hollywood film history lesson on The Great Movie Ride before heading over to the big rides of the park. First up was the rollercoaster, the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith! Yea, the Aerosmith part was pretty cheesy, but the roller coaster was great. It was space mountain esc but had all kinds of neon signs and accelerated you quickly right from the get go. (Yea ride pictures!) The line was so short we immediately went on it again, this time opting for the front row.




Next up was the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. It was fantastic! Definitely highlight of the day. Similar to the rollercoaster the line was short so we did it back-to-back. In doing so we found out the ride changes so the up/down & drops kept you on your toes. Daryl’s brother had warned us about this ride (he didn’t like it) but Amy had been on it before and loved it. The unsuspecting drops can be unnerving but both of us really enjoyed it.




Final ride of the day was the most popular in the park, Toy Story Midway Mania. A great ride in which you have to shoot a cannon (by pulling a string) and hit targets to rack up points. Very cool ride.




We then lined up to take pictures with Mike and Sully.




We ate dinner at the Hollywood Brown Derby. A more upscale restaurant with sketches of famous actors/actresses all over the walls. Food was good, albeit expensive.

We squeezed in Toy Story one more time before heading to Fantasmic, Hollywood Studios night time show. A mix of pyrotechnics and water projections kept the suspense/thrills up. We learned after the fact they had just upgraded the water projection a couple weeks back. It was quite impressive.



Back to the hotel, prep for the next the day, and then off to bed.

Some More photos form the day.