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Continued from part 1…

In 1998 Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema ‘’discovered’ the Alexander farm during an aerial search for suitable film sites. There were 11 other potential sites but when Peter Jackson came out in person to the Alexander film he cancelled them all. His idea of Hobbiton had a large round tree at its center as well as a lake, both of which the Alexander farm had.



Bag End. Home to the Baggins.


The original oak tree that overlooks Bag End was cut down and transported in from near Matamata. Artificial leaves were brought in from Taiwan and individually wired on the three. They removed it after Lord of the Rings filming was completed. With the Hobbit came the need for another oak tree. The tree had to be smaller, however, as the Hobbit took place 60 years before the Lord of the Rings. This time the tree was fake, constructed out of steel and silicon. The leaves were once again wired on individually to the tree. Just before shooting Peter Jackson saw the leaves and was not content with the colour. They were all repainted in place.



Sam’s house.


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