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We went for walk around the Kaikoura Peninsula first thing in the morning. There was a seal colony in this area. So close in fact that were a couple hanging out in the parking lot! The walk had some some nice views and through information boards we learnt how the area was formed through tectonic uplift.



That was a high jump.IMG_6454

The newest platform as a result of tectonic uplift.IMG_6447

The rain started, however, so we had to turn back. We then hit the road heading further up the island.


On the way we stopped at Ohau Falls. Daryl had it listed as a nice little waterfall walk not far off the highway. We soon realized it was so much more. Up the creek and also in the pool below the waterfall were seal pups playing. They were very cute and used the area to protect themselves from the stormy ocean.



We also stopped at a winery in Yealands that was recommended by the previous nights’ b&b owner. It was a massive winery with vines for as far as the eye could see. When going in for a tasting we first sat through in informative video describing the vision the owner, Peter Yealand, had with the winery. Very interesting guy. The b&b owner joked that you could mistake him for a labourer out in the field.



The tasting included a very interesting Sav Blanc (lots of minerals) and another full bodied pinot noir. IMG_6535

We were then given a map to drive around the winery lands. (Which they said would take 15min. Yes it is that big) There were a number of man made lakes, a view point on an ocean cliff, and as we said before endless lines of vines.



Amy after wine tasting.IMG_6590

They were introducing a variety of animals to help keep the grass short between the rows. We saw some “overly-friendly” chickens but there was also doll sheep and pigs. They made their own fertilizer and also bundled up and burned vine clippings to be more sustainable.   


Not much later we arrived at the Anglesea Bed & Breakfast, a lovely old house. We had the place to ourselves too! We managed to squeeze in one more wine tasting for the day and had a relaxing evening.



We had an amazing breakfast made for us by the owner, Diane. We then set out to resume the wine tasting. We stopped at four more. Similar to before the speciality in the area was Sav Blanc, Pinto Gris, and Pinot Noir.



We had lunch at a placed called the Mussel Pot where Amy had a wonderful pot of green-lipped mussels, a New Zealand specialty.



We got into Nelson and had a look around for a bit before heading to the Ferguson’s Residence. We spent the afternoon/evening reminiscing and catching up. Dinner was delicious (Thanks Pete/Dani!)


When we returned through Nelson 2 days later we met up with the Feguson family once again for a lovely picnic at Tahunanui Beach. We had a great time and it was good to see how happy they are in New Zealand.


Until next time…