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When we woke up the next morning the rain had stopped. We headed out to see the Fox Glacier. Sadly due to flooding, rock slides, and unstable ground we couldn’t get anywhere near the glacier. Just years ago you were actually able to “hike” on to the glacier. Now the only option to get on the glacier was by a helicopter and the prices were steep. We decided to hold off and see bigger/better glaciers on a future vacation.

What we could see of the Fox Glacier.IMG_5735


We also stopped by Lake Matheson right near Fox. It it one of the most photographed  lakes in New Zealand due to its mirror reflection of the forest and glacial mountains. Well… sometimes mirror reflection. Our luck wasn’t that good due to fog and clouds.

Luckily, we saw the top of Mt Cook.


It was then time to make the long drive north and back across the island over to Hanmer Springs. We stopped in Franz Josef, another glacier town, but only for lunch. A hike would have had similar results to Fox as conditions were the same. From there we headed north through some beautiful forests and winding roads. (As much as we like to use “windy roads” we realize, after looking it up, that it not the correct way of saying it).


We made a stop in a small town, Hokitika, as it was known for its Jade. Daryl also had his first driving mishap when he parked to close to a curb. Luckily only the plastic hubcap sustained damage. Amy thinks his pride took more damage than anything.


We got back on the road and made it over to Hamner Springs by the late afternoon. After checking in to our hostel we decided to check out the local thermal pools. We got our own private pool for a bit to relax after the longer day. We then tried out a number of other outdoor pools with varying temperatures. A highlight was one that had a “track” where the water jets helped push you through it. Along with a turtle floaty you had a fun ride.



Until next time…