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We decided to have a nice soothing sunrise boat ride through the Shotover River Canyons. By soothing we mean speeding past rocky outcrops, skimming around boulders and zipping through dramatic and narrow canyons in a jet boat! Not to mention the 360 degree spins. Alright, soothing wasn’t the right word, maybe thrilling instead. It was quite a rush. We also learned a little about the boat, and the history of gold mining in this canyon.



The rest of the day we spent in and around Queenstown. We stopped in at XD Darkride, an interactive motion ride where we had to save the planet by shooting aliens with our laser guns. (Good/Fun but short). There are only a few around the world. Turns out one is in Montreal though.

We went for a walk around the Queenstown Gardens and then headed for lunch. We bought a large pizza from the Fat Badgers which ended up lasting the two of us through 3 meals. It was huge! 20”.



In the afternoon we went for a hike just outside of Queenstown called “the Mt.  Crichton Loop Track. We were able to see some great views of Lake Wakatipu and mount… well hills. IMG_5564

On the hike we found the Tailrace tunnel, a hand dug (with black powder) tunnel which allowed water and rock cut from the mining face on the one side to flow into a creek located on the other side.



We saw some people doing a Great Walk. We went inside one of the “huts” and had a look.



And of course, jump pictures.



The next day we left Queenstown. We made a quick stop in Arrowtown, a tiny little town with old roots in the Gold Rush the area had.




We visited a historic Chinese settlement that described the history of the Chinese who came to New Zealand in order to try make their fortunes in Gold and return home and give their families a better life. Guess what, they didn’t have a good life in New Zealand and very few were able to return home said fortune.



After Arrowtown we drove a little further to Gibbston There we were too do a winery walk along the Kawarau River. It just so happened that the beginning of the trail was at the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, birthplace of Bungee Jumping. No no, we didn’t do it. Couldn’t help but watch some other people do it though.



The trail ended up being a bit windy (cold) and we were getting hungry fast so we stopped in at the first winery (Gibbston Valley Winery). It turned out to have a cheesery too so we had a tasting board & sandwich for lunch. The wine tasting was good with the pinot noirs again having a lot more body compared to ours back home.


We then had to hit the road as we had a long drive ahead of us. We encountered more farms (sheep!), windy roads, forests, and waterfalls before making it to Fox Glacier.


Fantail FallsIMG_5711


After we checked in to our hostel it started to down pour. Luckily we had the last of the pizza we bought back in Queenstown.

Until next time…