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It was time to visit the Goldcoast. What better way to visit an area besides completely ignoring it other than going to its amusement park! Okay, okay, we weren’t being very touristy. But it looked amazing!

To get there we had to take an hour long train ride outside of downtown Brisbane and then a short bus. Dreamworld, Australia’s biggest theme park, opened at 10am and we got there by 10:15; ready to maximize our time there. This park sold many multi day and seasonal passes due to how much there was to do so we knew it would be a packed day if we had just the one.

The first ride, a high thrill ride as they designated it, was Buzzsaw, a 15 storey roller coaster where you plummet down at over 105km/hr. Scary from the looks of it but not that bad in reality.


(There definition of a high thrill ride, by the way, was “High speeds with extremely unusual and stressful physical forces. Fun!)

Next up was The Giant Drop, a 120m free fall ride. Also scary from the looks, and did get the heart racing a little bit. (Not to mention teasing you at the top for at least a minute)


After that we hit the Motocoaster. Name describes it well, fast & fun, especially around the corners.


We made our way over to Tiger Island where we saw a Tiger show. It consisted of Tigers sitting, standing, jumping, climbing a tree, and more jumping. (The final jump needing extra motivation, something all cats love, a cardboard box.)






The next ride, Pandamonium, spins, swings, and gets you upside down, reaching 3.8G’s of force. They also had a “lighter” version with less intense spinning. Amy was leaning towards the lighter version but Daryl insisted we did the true one. Needless to say Amy did not feel well after and Daryl felt bad. (With a “kind” I told you so from Amy)



A break from rides was in order so we made our way over to the the other park next door to Dreamworld, Whitewater World. Some lounging around and relaxing took place until Amy was back “in the game” so to say.

The first “wet” ride was called The Green Room, accelerating riders from a 75m tunnel to a 15m funnel. We liked it so much we did it twice.


Next was Supertubes Hydrocoaster, getting blasted from the 18m tower down the 236m track of terror. Not as bad as it sounds, although they did spray you in the face a couple of times.

Triple Vortex, a series of three smaller funnels was up after.

Finally, The Rip, 12m of pitch black terror before being being blasted into a massive bowl. Amy’s favourite. We did it twice as well.


All done with the wet stuff we made our way back to Dreamworld. Keeping it a little tamer we did the Thunder River Rapid Ride. Basically a tamer and not as good version of the Pirates of Caribbean Ride at Disneyland. We squeezed in another ride on Motocoaster before the park closed. (5pm, on a Saturday, a little weird)

Another bus / hour long train and we were back in Brisbane. Amy had a craving for Pho so we found a hole in the wall place not too far away. Lets just say, not great. And that Vancouver has way better.

Until next time…