Our final day in Cairns ended up being a bit of a filler. Cyclone Nathan was on its way back and conditions were not good. In the city the wind was blowing, the clouds were moving fast, and there were intermittent down pours of rain throughout the day.

With that being the case tours were at a stand still. With our overnight bus leaving at 12:20am that night we decided to take it easy.

Laundry, packed up, bags in storage, and some good coffee in our bellies we headed off to….. the library. Very exciting, i know. We saw the fruit bats again though, man they are noisy. Turns out they are from the giant  bat family (with a wingspan up to 1.5m) and use their eyes and sense of smell rather than echo-location. From there we went to…. the mall! We watched a movie (Insurgent) and then walked around the mall. (Man Australia is expensive). A break for dinner with some interesting people watching. People not dressed for the rain, people drunk already at 5pm because they had nothing better to do, and cops/security all over the place. We then made our way to… another movie! (Focus).

Another 2 hours at the hostel and we finally (rough day, i know) made our way onto the overnight bus to Airlie Beach.

(No, no photos today. We were way too busy of course)

Until next time…