We were lucky that we were able to go the the reef during our stay in Cairns. Cyclone Nathan almost visited Cairns before we got in. We were told by others on our tours that the conditions on the three days before we got in were so bad that the tours were all cancelled. The rains had washed out part of the roads and flooded others preventing the tours to the rainforest. The flooded rivers led to turbidity in the ocean (poor visibility) and the high winds led to large waves preventing the tours to the reef. It had only just started to get better the day we arrived. 3 days later and Nathan has started to come back around our way, stronger than before. Our reef tour was the only one that went out today and all of them are cancelled for tomorrow.

This led to some not so fun conditions on the way out to the reef. Many people on the boat got sick. When we got to the reef it helped protect us a little bit but it was still quite wavy and the visibility was not as good as it could be. (10m-15m. Still okay in our minds).


The Marine World pontoon platform was home for 5 hours. A little smaller than we thought. (They make it look so good in the ads!) Still manages to fit scuba gear, snorkelling equipment and platform, tables, a buffet., and lots of people.



The reef / part of the snorkelling area. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The minute you swim off the snorkelling platform into the water you can see reef. IMG_3604




Amy chased this blue/green fish for a while, and of course lots of pictures.


This is another fish we chased for a while. Amy touched his head when we went diving (he swam right at her). We love this photo, it’s like he got caught being up to no good. He’s like:” oh no, you got me on camera.” His name is Wally, he is a Giant Maori Wrasse.


Amy got a close shot of it’s body, so pretty.



We went for a dive. It was Daryl’s first dive, it took him a while to get comfortable with the breathing, but he still really enjoyed it. Amy wished she could go do some exploring on her own but the group was “chained” together as it was an introductory dive.



Until next time…