Today, our tour guide’s name was Dave, again (only 40 years younger); We learned a thousand way to die in Australia, death by coconut is number 1; We visited the oldest living rainforest on earth, learned a lot about strange trees; We saw a baby crocodile only 5 years old (they live between 70 to 100+ years);

Today we had our rain forest adventure. We got picked up first thing in the morning and made our way north out of Cairns. We passed through Port Douglas up to the Daintree River. While making the drive our awesome tour guide, Dave, barraged us with information about the surrounding areas and history of this part of Australia. (I don’t know what it is with tour guides and the name Dave)

At the Daintree River we did a cruise. The goal was to see crocodiles that inhabited the river. We managed to spot two; one baby about 3 feet long and a juvenille about 1.5m long. The full grown adults can be upwards of 5m in length but sadly we weren’t able to see any. The river was running high and warm due to recent rain (the days before we got in) so we were told the adults didn’t need to bath in the sun on the rocks like they usually do.


Can you see it?


After the cruise we were officially in the oldest living rainforest in the world, Cape Tribulation. Some very interesting and very old plants here. After another drive / history lesson we stopped and did a quick rainforest walk with some explanations on some of the unique plants found here.



This fig tree grow around the host tree and out lived it, therefore it’s hollow. very strange.





We then made our way up to the beach at Cape Tribulation where we had our Lunch. The beach was okay but we were here to see the rainforest after all. (And you couldn’t go in the water anyways due to the jellyfish), and we didn’t see crocodile either.


After lunch we made our way back towards Cairns. An ice cream stop, lookouts, and ferry crossing we were getting close. We made a final stop at the Mossman Gorge. There we had an Indigenous guide talk about their history and culture in the area. Also had time to go for a swim in the river there and take in a little more wilderness.




Finally got back in to Cairns around 6:30pm, a full day. The tour did have a lot of driving and not as much time at the stops as we would have liked. Dave, our tour guide, however, was great and managed to keep us all engaged throughout the ride. He went over some of the deadly animals/creatures/etc in this part of the world and what to do about them. (Thanks everyone for reminding us about them repeatedly before we left) Between Jelly fish, snakes, crocodiles, sharks, and others there was a long list to remember.


The real killer though, killing more people in Australia than all of those dangerous things combined, is what I am keeping my eye out for. The deadly, deadly, coconut.


Just Learned that China block wordpress, I guess there’s really no point writing Chinese blog here..oh well, less to write, more time to play.

Until next time…