The travel day. But first we did a quick detour into Port Fairy. We did a quick hour long walk along the shore/beach. Some birds, kangaroos, shells, and a light station later were back in the car and on our way to Melbourne.










Fast forward 4 hours and a quick stop at Hungry Jacks (equivalent to McDonalds) for Lunch and we were there. The last 15 minutes consisted of sitting in traffic downtown whilst trying to find the rental car drop off. The Central Melbourne YHA was quite an upgrade to the one in Sydney. Security doors, fancy hallways, fancy bathrooms, and a vaulted ceiling.

After the long drive we took it easy and made our way to Federation Square and the Information Center. We decided to try out the downtown tram system. What is really cool is as of January of this year all of the trams in the downtown core are free. You just hop on and off as you please. So we jumped on one. Realized we were going in the wrong direction. Jumped on another and made it to the Square.

Too many pamphlets later we were on our way to an early dinner. We stopped at Don Don for some well priced Japanese food (and recommended by the Lonely Planet book).

A tram and a walk got us back to the hostel. The rest of the night consisted of laundry and planning for the days to come.

Until next time.