Today: We saw a “horse poop for sale @$2.5/kg” sign; we went to the 12 apostles, again. we had a “foody day”; A emu walked in the middle of the road in front of us,slowly.

今天,我们在路边看到了一个牌子,上面写着“卖马屎,两块五一公斤”。 小伙伴们都惊呆了。我们早上又跑到12门徒那里去照相,接下来就是一天的品酒,品巧克力,品奶酪,摘草莓。一只巨大的食火鸟在我们车前马路中间慢悠悠的散步。今天是我们在大洋路的最后一天。

Our final day on the great ocean road had us getting up early to get back to the 12 apostles to take some morning shots. Well, we didn’t get there as early as we had hoped, but still managed to take some very nice pictures. On our way to the car we ran into the same Australian couple we kept running into yesterday. We started to think that they might be following us.


After that, we started our foody tour. Our first stop was G.O.R.G.E Chocolates. It had amazing reviews but we were a little disappointed. They only had 3 tastings,; dark, white and milk chocolate. (And by tastings it was just three bowls and a sign that said only take one) To be completely honest though, we’ve had better. We bought some kangaroo and koala shaped dark chocolate and moved on to the next stop.



Amy ate the kangaroo in the car. 我在车上就把袋鼠吃了。


Next stop was a dairy farm which sold locally made cheese. The tasting was free, informative, and had a good variety to try. We bought some of their peppered Havarti. (Interesting garden outside as well)





After the cheese tasting we headed to Timboon for whiskey tasting. There were lots of eucalyptus tress near the road on the way there so Amy was on the lookout for wild koalas. Sadly she didn’t find any. When we pulled into the parking lot she complained about the lack of finding any. At the same time she looked up and spotted one in the tree right next to our car. She excitedly jumped out of the car and took many a photo.


A wild koala sleeping. 萌死了。IMG_2099

Below are the liquors we tasted (more accurately Daryl tasted). Amy thought the strawberry schanpps was quite nice and the lemoncello was delicous. Daryl though the coffee liquer was amazing. The single malt whiskey and vanilla infused vodka were also quite good. The guy serving us was very talkative, explaining how each of the liquors were made and how they could be paired. (The tasting was again free.)

下面是我们品尝的酒。草莓酒超美味,加上冰淇淋或者香槟最配。苹果就闻着好,喝着一班。柠檬超美味,咖啡巧克力酒就不用说了。威士忌不是我的料。 品尝是免费的,酒师很风趣,给我们讲解如何酿成的,顺便推荐我们新西兰哪里好玩。


Ok, a couple more picture of the koala. Look at those fuzzy ears! Soooooooooooooooo cute.


The Koala strikes a sexy pose. 来一张性感的。


Next was Berry World. I think it should be called Strawberry World as they only have strawberries (Daryl’s first time picking strawberries). The strawberries were small but super sweet.




Then we stopped at another cheese tasting place, mousetrap. Very cute name. 后来我们又来到了一个奶酪店,叫捕鼠器,哈哈。太贴切了。



We then did a little walk along the coast line before the drive to Port Fairy.



As well as a stop at the Bay of Islands.


We stopped at Tower Hill  for a walk, a very short walk. We saw some emus near the parking lot. On our drive out, however, we saw a emu on the side of the road about to cross, so we stopped.



The emu slowly stepped on the road, gave us a look, and decided to start to walking on the road.



5 minutes (maybe longer) later, we finally were able to pass it and carry on.


We finally arrived at Port Ferry and had cheese, baguette, and strawberries for dinner. (And chocolate for dessert)