We started our day with a quick drive up above Apollo Bay to the Mariner’s Lookout. What a view. 我们今天继续沿着大洋路往西开。每个观景点都停下来看看,反正不着急。


We then continued our journey along the great ocean road. We stopped first at Maits Rest, a short little rainforest walk that had some impressive trees and some plants with a different look than we were used to.




Next stop was the Cape Otway Lightstation. The lighthouse itself wasn’t the highlight (as it was an overpriced tourist attraction) but rather some wild koalas up in trees along the way there.



Soooooo Cute。萌死人。


warning sign. 路边的警告牌,这里的怪物还挺多的。


After a brief side-of-the-road lookout we made it to Lavers Hill. A small lunch, with latte,  and some beautiful flowers/birds later we were back on the road.

This time we were inland heading to another rainforest. The Triplet Waterfall Walk was well constructed and some more impressive trees and weird plants. The waterfalls were okay at best. (Once again guess we are spoiled back at home).


IMG_1722IMG_1726    IMG_1741IMG_1771

We made our way back to the Great Ocean Road and stopped at The Gables lookout. Apparently not the most popular as we were the only ones there and it consisted of a 4km single lane dirt road. (We got lucky and didn’t run into anyone either way though). By the way, Daryl got startled by a cute parrot. lol

This plant is called “Birthday Candle”. 这个植物叫做生日蜡烛。


Finally the juicy stuff, the Apostles. First up was The Gibsons Steps. Great views up top and even better down on the beach. The waves came up quite a bit and despite Daryl’s confidence in an elevated rock his feet got soaked. Photo evidence by Amy below.




**Amy trying to be kangaroo. 我是袋鼠。


A short drive later we were at the “official” Twelve Apostles Marine National Park. Which is a silly name because there are actually only seven “Apostles” left. (There was an eight but it fell down in 2005). Regardless the remaining Apostles looked amazing.


Additional view points at Loch Ard Gorge, The Arch, and the London Bridge all contained amazing views and stories of these rock formations.



We also managed to see a wild kangaroo crossing the road on the way to The Arch as well as a wild echidna crossing the path at the London Bridge.


We were losing light so made our way to Petersborough, a little ways north. We got a nice little bungalow and ate at the only restaurant in town.

Busy day but a great day.

Until tomorrow