We managed to drag ourselves out of bed super early to catch our 7am flight to Geelong. An uneventful, although uncomfortable (yea cheap airlines), flight later we were away from the big city.

早上4点爬起来去赶飞机,早上8点到了大洋路的起点,一个叫 Torquay 的小镇。


Our next adventure, driving. We got the keys to our sexy, white Toyota Yaris. Surprisingly comfortable and a fairly new model. Although despite things like  an LCD console screen and backup camera there was no cruise control. Okay, okay, maybe we were asking for too much.



After getting in the wrong driver’s side door and turning on the windshield wipers instead of a turn indicator i realized even the little things were going to take some time getting used to. The first couple turns were a little scary but we are starting to get the hang of it. One of the biggest things is just knowing your car’s airspace. For example driving down the road I kept drifting to the left as i was used to looking down the lane and being near the left edge. Or just pulling in to park on the left side of the street. But Amy helps me / is a great co-pilot. (I still look the wrong way first constantly.)


We made our way to Torquay (Pop 13,600), known to have one of the world’s best surfing beaches. (Bell’s Beach). We stayed at a tiny little hostel called Bell’s Beach Backpackers. Once getting settled we headed for the beach. We had a lot of fun along the trail and the weather / views were amazing.



Amazing view.


We had so much fun. Being a small town there was hardly anybody on the trail.IMG_1200IMG_1144

IMG_1247   IMG_1249





There was a really cool sundial with some really detailed artwork. If you stood on the right month on the body of the bird your shadow would line up with the right shell. (Time of day)



On the way back we managed to witness a couple of wild parrots chasing each other. Seeing wild parrots = very cool, hearing wild parrots non stop = not cool, especially when you have 50 around your room.

这里到处都是野生鹦鹉,我从来看鹦鹉都是看笼子里的,野生的还是第一次看到。很酷。不酷的是我的房间旁边的树上有50 多只野生鹦鹉,一叫起来我杀人的心都有了。