Today: Amy took a picture of Daryl and a naked man; Amy did stand up paddle boarding; Daryl did kneel down paddle boarding; we went inside of the magnificent Sydney Opera House.



Our original plan for today was to take a bus out to Split Bridge and do a 10K coastal walk to a town called Manly. If we had time we would also SUP (Stand up Paddling) around the harbour. We had to be back to the Circular Quay by 4:30pm for our Opera House Tour. However, when we woke up we found that it was raining outside so instead we decided to go to a museum. When we got out of the train station the rain had stopped and we could see a patch a blue sky. We decided to go to Manly after all. (I really wanted Daryl to try SUP) It was a beautiful day in Manly.

我们今天原计划是坐公共汽车来分割大桥,沿海步行10公里到一个叫曼利镇的地方,如果我们有时间,我们就去SUP (站起来划桨)。4:30我们定的悉尼歌剧院内参观。但是,今天早上当我们醒来的时候,发现它是外面下雨了,我们决定去博物馆。当我们走出火车站,雨停了,我们可以看到一点儿蓝天,我们决定去曼利反正。

At Hyde Park fountain. Daryl and a naked “man”


By the time we arrived at Manly, the clouds had completely cleared away and the sun was shining. The ocean breeze made the hot day quite comfortable. We booked our SUP at the visitor center. The girl helping us turned out to be from Vancouver.

The boards they had were performance boards, which meant they were shorter and narrower. They didn’t have beginner’s boards. It took me a litter bit to get comfortable. Daryl stayed on his knees as he didn’t feel comfortable to stand up, yet. We will try again in Cairns where he will stand up (as he will be happy to fall into the water).

The harbour of Daryl’s first SUP.


We went to Manly Pizza & Wine for lunch; best pizza in town. The lady over charged us but good thing Daryl corrected her and saved us $15. We went to the weekend market where I got a pair of pearl earrings (So pretty. And I bartered 15% down).


It got really windy at the end of day so the ferry ride back was like riding a roller coaster. I was really tired though so i was able to fall asleep.


For some reason, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of  the opera house.


The opera house was designed by a architect from Denmark He was only 38 years old when he designed it. Funny thing is he submitted his design late and it was rejected for not following submission guidelines. Luckily, it was later saved by a American judge. The submitted design was like chicken scratches with no detail what so ever. I guess I would call it the earliest of Design Builds, something we knew so well. The original budget was $7 million and it was to  be built in 3 years (I don’t see how that could have been possible). In the end it cost $102 million and took 16 years. The designer could not see his baby completed due to political reasons, which is a shame.


It is a magnificent structure.




This was our last day in Sydney, we are now on our way to the Great Ocean Road. It seems like we missed a giant street party last night, as people were on their way in while we on our way out.


Until next time…