Today, I was cold; Daryl wore a hat; I touched a Koala’s butt; we fed Kangaroo; Chocolate melted in my bag; we bushwalked down stairs for 30 minutes; We rode the world steepest train; We had Kangaroo for dinner…



We got picked up at 7:10 am this morning. After an hour and a half driving around DT Sydney picking up the remaining 30 people, we finally headed up to the mountains. The Blue Mountains are about 90 minutes away from Sydney. Rather than calling them “Mountains”, I would think of them as hills (spoiled by the beautiful west coast of Canada). Our tour guide was Dave, a 70 years old young at heart, couldn’t stop talking, funny guy who grew up in the Blue Mountains.

我们参加了蓝山一日游,大巴7点10分接上我们,在悉尼里转了一个半小时的圈,接了一车人终于出发了。蓝山之所以命名为蓝山,是应为山看起来是蓝色的。导游是个70岁的超能砍的老小孩,身体倍儿棒,爬山倍儿快。我被加拿大西海岸惯坏了,这蓝山不过就是一个山坡, 呵呵。

We stopped by a wild animal sanctuary where we fed kangaroos and cuddled koalas.



Koalas are sensitive creatures. They don’t like to be touched above the waist, so I had no choice but to touch her bum; sooooo soft.



Cute kangaroo waiting for food. 等吃的的袋鼠。


We both fed kangaroos. I then decided to take a selfie with a Kangaroo.

I started by offering some food…he seemed to like it. 和袋鼠自拍需要循序渐进,首先,用食物贿赂。


But then he is just focused on the food, not looking at the camera at all. 结果人家就光顾吃,根本不看镜头。


So I gave him a talk and some dirty looks, saying “hey mate, this is not cool.” 于是我只好语重心长的教导,让他明白什么叫礼尚往来。


After a lot of talking and dirty looks, he finally agreed to look at the camera. 经过一番教导,人家终于肯看镜头了。


Unwillingly…. 一脸不情愿。


The first stop in the Blue Mountains was the famous 3 sisters. The formation of sandstone is cool, but the story about the 3 sisters is somewhat silly. In the time of dream (la long long time ago), a witch doctor (medicine man) had 3 beautiful daughters. One day, 3 men from a different tribe tried to steal the daughters. To prevent them from being stolen the witch doctor changed the 3 daughters into 3 lumps of rock. His act made the men angry, so he changed himself into a bird to escape. Sadly he couldn’t undo the magic because he no longer had hands……


I was very cold in the morning; it was only 14 degrees in the mountain and there was a strong wind. 早上山里超级冷,只能拿一杯热咖啡取暖。


After lunch some of the people went take cable cars while we decided to do some bushwalking (hiking). The trail was beautiful. 吃完饭后,我们跑去爬山,我暖和了好多。


I was no longer cold.


You can see the three sisters from everywhere.



After the mountains we took a cruise back to Sydney. Chilled out in the sun with some over priced beer.


We had dinner at Darling Harbour; tried out kangaroo meat for the first time. oo bloody for my taste, will not try again. Daryl finally tried some Carlton Dry beer and we both thought it was delicious (Thanks Cliff!).  There were fireworks in the harbour tonight along with outdoor movies, and packed pubs and night clubs. Quite the night life here.



ntil next time。。。。