So I created an English blog to document our upcoming trip to Australia and New Zealand (I usually keep a travel journal in my Chinese blog, mainly for my parents in China).

Book internal flights, Check. Book accommodations, Check. Car rentals, Check. All that’s left is to start packing, oh yeah, and count the days.

I am excited to celebrate my birthday in the fall this year (March in Australia is the beginning of fall), as fall is my favourite season.  I am also excited to celebrate the first half of my birthday in Whitsunday Islands, the second half in Brisbane, and my Canadian birthday (due to the time difference) in The Gold Cost…. See, I got this all figured out.

I went to see my dermatology yesterday to ask for some longer prescriptions for the time I am away. She is a very serious person, very matter of fact. She is nice and always just to the point, no chit chats….ever. However, yesterday when I told her I am going to New Zealand, her face lit up, and she couldn’t stop talking about how much she loves New Zealand, how she wants to go back there, or move there, and how much fun she had when she visited there….. I wish I could leave tomorrow.

Anyway, this is a test post of the new blog using the offline app. Time to go back to reality and my avg 11 hour day job.

Wake me up when March comes.


今年生日会在秋天。 应为3月的澳大利亚是秋天。巨兴奋,因为秋天是我最爱的季节。想想生平第一次秋天过生日也是醉了。